Adjustable Field Enclosure - ETS-Lindgren
Adjustable Field Enclosure
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Key Features
  • Acoustic Quiet Environment
  • High Test Repeatability
  • Adjustable Reverberation Times
  • Compliant with ETSI EG 202 396-1.1.2 Testing

ETS-Lindgren's Adjustable Field Enclosures come in a variety of sizes and provide acoustically quiet environments with high test repeatability. The enclosures are designed to provide adjustable reverberation times to tailor the acoustic field to the test being performed and optimize the engineering and design requirements needed for an end-product application.

The enclosure provides a field compliant with ETSI EG 202 396-1.1.2 testing. The enclosure can be configured to provide reverberation times throughout the ETSI standard's range as well as times outside that range, which can be used for additional research and development testing.

The enclosure allows for reverberation times to be adjusted so additional research and development. Removable Absorbers Sound absorbing panels attach to the solid inner surface with magnets. This allows the enclosure's reverberation times to be adjusted quickly for testing.

As per the ETSI EG 202 396-1.1.2 standard requirements, this enclosure allows for reverberation times of 0.2 to 0.7 seconds for each octave band between 125 Hz and 8 kHz.