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Acoustic Doors
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Key Features
  • Durable Construction Throughout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested at Factory
  • Multiple Window Sizes and Locations
  • Perfect for New or Existing Construction

ETS-Lindgren's SoundSecure Plug-in Doors are an integral component of all ETS-Lindgren's acoustic test chambers, reverberation chambers, sound isolation rooms, and audiometric booths. SoundSecure Doors are available with excellent acoustical ratings and feature an optional window in a standard location.

The plug-in assemblies bring ETS-Lindgren's sound isolation to conventional construction. Designed for acoustical consultants, architects and engineers, ETS-Lindgren's Plug-in Doors are an effective means of providing superior sound isolation in new construction and renovation projects.

SoundSecure Plug-in Doors are faced with 16-gauge steel, feature mortised, cam-lift butt hinges, and are sealed with magnetic gaskets at the head and jambs. These doors are furnished with chrome-plated die-cast zinc handles mounted on heavy duty push plates and can be hung to swing either in or out.

All exposed surfaces of the door and frames are powder-coated with a paintable powder coat. While ETS-Lindgren offers a standard powder coat color, we can also provide colors to match or accent existing decor or to create an additional interior design element.

Product Features

Durable, Performance Driven Construction

SoundSecure Doors are designed and manufactured with durability and performance in mind. Our double-sealed gaskets, tight bend radius, and uninterrupted seals around the hinges provide a tight and complete seal. Door windows are produced with a desiccant material that prevents condensation. A sound absorber is installed between the two glass panes to improves acoustical performance.

Fully Assembled and Inspected

To ensure optimum performance, SoundSecure doors are assembled and inspected at our factory to ensure proper fit and optimum performance.

Window Sizes and Locations

Every SoundSecure door can be designed to include a window. These windows are available in many sizes and locations.

Flexible Design

All SoundSecure doors are split frame designed, and can be utilized in both new and existing construction, for ease of installation.

Product Options
  • Optional Window Location
Product Configuration
  • SoundSecure Plug-In Door with Trim Ring with 10.16 cm to 15.24 cm (4 in to 6 in) Walls
  • Optional Window Location