3186 Dual Stacked LPDA Antenna - ETS-Lindgren
3186 Dual Stacked LPDA Antenna
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Key Features
  • 1 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
  • 2:1 VSWR Average
  • Up to 20W Input Power
  • Constant E- and H-Plane Beamwidth
  • Flat Directivity

ETS-Lindgren's Model 3186 is a dual stacked log periodic dipole array antenna (LPDA), each of the two separate LPDAs comprising the dual array are 100 antennas. When assembled in parallel, the results are a 50 input impedance array. This array provides increased gain when compared to a single LPDA. The arrangement of the two LPDA in the arrays provides a very constant pattern across the entire frequency range.

This antenna is ideal as a receive antenna for CISPR emissions testing above 1 GHz. It is also ideal when performing the site VSWR test as per CISPR 16.

Product Features

Frequency Range

The antenna covers a frequency range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz, making it ideal as a receive antenna for CISPR 16 based testing above 1 GHz. This antenna can be used with ETS-Lindgrens Model 3183 for performing the site VSWR chamber validation method per CISPR 16.


The typical VSWR for the model 3186 is less than 2: 1.

Low Input Power

This antenna is mainly a receive antenna, with a maximum input power of 20W continuous wave and a peak power of 30W.

Constant Beamwidth and Flat Directivity

The model 3186 was designed to provide a very constant illumination from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. The Beamwidth in the two principal planes is 59.8 degrees for the E-plane (the polarization plane) and 57.0 degrees for the H-plane (the orthogonal plane) while the directivity is about 10 dB across the entire frequency range.

Physical Specifications
Width: 19.7 cm (7.76 in)
Length: 44.1 cm (17.36 in)
Height: 19.7 cm (7.76 in)
Weight: .7 kg (1.54 lb)
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Minimum: 1 GHz
Maximum Continuous Power: 20 W
Impedance (Nominal): 50
VSWR (Average): 2:1
Connector: SMA (Female)
Pattern Type: Directional
Polarization: Linear
Product Options
  • ETS-Lindgren Offers Several Non-metallic, Non-reflective Tripods
Product Configuration
  • Antenna
  • Mounting Fixture for 1/4 in x 20 Threads
  • Individually calibrated at 3 m per ANSI C63.5
  • Manual