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Key Features

  • Emissions free below 30 MHz down to 10 kHz
  • Cold forged heatsink core with patented Forging Fit
  • Technology capable of passively cooling up to 100W
  • Adjustable angle bracket with a 270 allowable swivel, adaptable to various masts and poles
  • Compliant with Mean Well 100W PSU
  • Equipped with a 90 beam angle lens with a sealed waterproof design
  • Record high total light flux and efficiency of a single light source: Flip Chip Opto Luna 100W COB
  • Durable surface finish to protect against corrosion and withstand harsh weathering

ETS-Lindgren's LED Corner Light for Industrial Shielding is a practical solution for illuminating the interior of a shielded enclosure. This LED corner light is an RF suppressed lighting solution that features a heatsink forging fit design comprised of a pure aluminum column, the unibody cold forged heatsink utilizes patented forging fit technology for fin insertion allowing maximum thermal heat dissipation. The LED Corner Light also consists of an optical lens and sealed design, meaning the lens assembly contains a domed glass lens with a high transparency rate for minimal obstruction of the lumen output. The sealing gasket achieves the protection rating of IP65/66 to protect against different environments. Finally, the surface finish consists of of an Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) finish, where the film coating provides uniform thickness and strong adhesion to protect against corrosion and mechanical stress.

View the LED Corner Lights for T&M and Industrial Shielding technical specifications below

Physical Specifications

150 x 150 x 223 mm (5.9 x 5.9 x 8.8)
5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg)

Heatsink Core
Al 1070
Al 1050
Tempered Glass

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage Range
100 - 240 VAC
Drive Current
9.3 A
Output Voltage
35 VDC
Power Factor
0.98 @ 115 VAC
Operation Temperature
-40C to 60C (-40F to 140F)

Product Options

  • 60 Lens and 120 Lens
  • Light kits can be purchased with a chamber, not as over the counter items
  • May be used to upgrade older lights; please contact ETS-Lindgren for further evaluation of your chamber lighting

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