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Key Features

  • Numerically Optimized Design
  • 200 V/m Power Handling Capability
  • Fire Retardant
  • FlexSorb option available
  • Download PDF Datasheet
  • ETS-Lindgren's Wedge Absorber effectively reduces reflections between 30 MHz and 100 GHz and its RF reflectivity levels are the same as its equivalent sized pyramid absorber. Wedge absorbers are used in areas of chambers where pyramid absorbers would provide too much backscatter under specific configurations.

    ETS-Lindgren guarantees its EHP absorbent material meets specified standards for material fire retardancy. Wedge absorber can also be provided in transitional parts from one size to another providing a continuous line in the absorber, i.e. a 12.7 cm (5 in) wedge to a 31.1 cm (12.3 in) wedge. These parts are typically 61 cm x 121.9 cm (2 ft x 4 ft) or 61 cm x 182.9 cm (2 ft x 6 ft) long and used in tapered or compact range chambers.

    View the Wedge Absorber technical specifications below

    Physical Specifications

    Dimensions by Model
    ModelAbsorber Height
    EHP-3WGCL8.3 cm (3.27 in)
    EHP-5WGCL12.7 cm (5.00 in)
    EHP-8WGCL21.5 cm (8.46 in)
    EHP-12WGCL31.1 cm (12.24 in)
    EHP-18WGCL46.3 cm (18.23 in)
    EHP-24WGCL61 cm (24.02 in)
    EHP-36WGCL91.4 cm (35.98 in)
    EHP-48WGCL121.9 cm (47.99 in)

    Electrical Specifications

    Frequency Range by Model
    ModelFrequency MinimumFrequency Maximum
    EHP-3WGCL4 GHz40 GHz
    EHP-5WGCL2 GHz40 GHz
    EHP-8WGCL1 GHz40 GHz
    EHP-12WGCL1 GHz40 GHz
    EHP-18WGCL500 MHz40 GHz
    EHP-24WGCL200 MHz40 GHz
    EHP-36WGCL80 MHz40 GHz
    EHP-48WGCL80 MHz40 GHz

    Product Options

    Optional FlexSorb™ Treatment

    With FlexSorb, you can enjoy the same excellent performance characteristics as our traditional absorbers, with the advantages of improved durability. FlexSorb is a special absorber treatment that allows an absorber to bend but not break. It's ideal for high traffic areas like chamber doorways and interior walls, or for tests that require an anechoic floor treatment. And, being that FlexSorb is also non-hygroscopic: its weight does not change in the presence of atmospheric moisture.

    View the Wedge Absorber charts below