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Key Features

  • Critical Region Absorber Treatment for Compact Range and Other Antenna Measurements
  • 500 V/m Maximum Power Handling Capability
  • Improved Low Frequency Reflection Suppression Performance
  • FlexSorb option available

ETS-Lindgren Curvilinear Absorber is an advanced new RF absorber product that is optimized for broadband reflection suppression. It is specially designed for chamber backwalls and other "hot spots" that require a higher attenuation at normal incidence than equally-sized, conventional absorber provides.

This curvilinear absorber preserves an anechoic chamber's High frequency performance and extends the usable lower range down to 300 MHz, without the use of more expensive ferrite tiles. For both retrofits and new installations, ETS-Lindgren's curvilinear absorber can improve performance and maximize available work space.

View the CRV Curvilinear Microwave Absorber technical specifications below

Physical Specifications

Dimensions by Model
Model Overall Height Base Height Pyramid Height Pyramids Per Absorber Weight
CRV-15PCL38.1 cm (15.00 in)5.1 cm (2.01 in)33.0 cm (12.99 in)364.2 kg (9.26 lb)
CRV-23PCL58.4 cm (22.99 in)13.8 cm (5.43 in)44.6 cm (17.56 in)16
6 kg (13.23 lb)
CRV-40PCL101.6 cm (40.00 in)20.3 cm (7.99 in)81.3 cm (32.01 in)1
0.8 kg (1.76 lb)
CRV-60PCL152.4 cm (60.00 in)30.5 cm (12.01 in)121.9 cm (47.99 in)12.8 kg (6.17 lb)
CRV-67PCL170.2 cm (67.01 in)12.7 cm (5.00 in)157.2 cm (61.89 in)
413.6 kg (29.98 lb)

Electrical Specifications

Power Handling: 200 V/m CW

Frequency Range by Model
ModelFrequency MinimumFrequency Maximum
CRV-15PCL500 MHz40 GHz
CRV-23PCL200 MHz
40 GHz
CRV-40PCL200 MHz40 GHz
CRV-60PCL100 MHz40 MHz
CRV-67PCL80 MHz40 GHz

Product Options

Optional FlexSorb™ Treatment

With FlexSorb, you can enjoy the same excellent performance characteristics as our traditional absorbers, with the advantages of improved durability. FlexSorb is a special absorber treatment that allows an absorber to bend but not break. It's ideal for high traffic areas like chamber doorways and interior walls, or for tests that require an anechoic floor treatment. And, being that FlexSorb is also non-hygroscopic: its weight does not change in the presence of atmospheric moisture.