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RF Windows ClearShield® Window Design

RF Windows ClearShield® Window Design

The ClearShield® high-visibility architectural RF windows expand the horizons of your MRI shielded enclosure. The patented ClearShield® RF window design offers the industry’s best combination of performance and clarity.
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Key Features

  • The industry's highest-visibility RF window available in spacious modular components
  • Precision mitered corners for a tight RF seal and clean finish appearance
  • 1/4" laminated safety glass on both sides of screen material for damage prevention and dust accumulation between screens
  • Window walls contain a double layer of carefully aligned RF shielding screens to provide optimum clarity without distortion
  • Powder coat finish for aesthetic appeal and durability
  • Lightweight aluminum extrusion sections give superior strength and allow easy removal of each window section


The ClearShield® high-visibility architectural RF windows expand the horizons of your MRI shielded enclosure. The patented ClearShield® RF window design offers the industry’s best combination of performance and clarity.


The window designs are made of extruded aluminum with a double layer of RF shielding screen. The double layer of safety glass provides not only superior visibility, but also enhanced acoustic properties.

Our standard observation window is available in many sizes with a maximum full clear view of 48”x72.” Larger sizes can be accomodated with internal supports.

The Window Wall allows you to increase patient comfort and create a unique MRI experience. Whether you are thinking of a skylight, ClearStory window, or a full wall of windows your creativity is unlimited. Safety glass is standard on both sides; however, frosted or other types of glass can be used.


ClearShield windows are the industry’s highest-visibility RF windows and are available in spacious modular components.

The windows’ RF shield screens have been acquired through the world’s finest manufacturing organization to provide optimum clarity.

The 1/4” laminated safety glass encases the shielding medium to prevent damage and dust which could accumulate. The design has an inherently great acoustic performance, achieving ratings of STC 40 in testing.

The lightweight aluminum extrusion sections give the window superior strength.

A powder coat finish gives an aesthetic appeal to the window and durability in the window configuration.


  • All ClearShield windows are suitable for MRI applications and meet all major OEM requirements

Increased Patient Comfort

ClearShield transforms an enclosed, sterile space into an open, comfortable setting. A light, spacious environment and the ability to view surroundings helps ease patient apprehension. 

Modular Sections Enhance Design Freedom and Permit Easy Cleaning

The easy-to-mount window sections allow a variety of architectural design configurations. Laminated safety glass protects the screen from dust and damage. Sections can be removed for cleanings, and permit convenient access when magnet replacement is required.

The ETS-Lindgren RF window design features higher visibility than competitive windows while meeting the most stringent RF shielding and magnet vendor specifications. Window screens feature the largest open area value of any RF window to allow greater light transmission.

ph window wall
Creates a spacious feel...
ph window wall a wall.
ph window wall a skylight.


Each window wall section consists of a double layer of precisely aligned RF screen mesh components, sealed between layers of laminated safety glass and mounted in a special extruded frame for installation in the RF shielded wall. The frame electrically connects the RF shielding mesh in the window to the RF shielded enclosure itself. A special clamping extrusion holds the individual window units in place, forms the RF seal, acts as the carrier for the snap-on finish trim, and allows easy removal and installation of glass.

Fire-rated glass may be substituted in special cases required by code (rating applies to glass only).

The open glass viewing area of the window wall can be constructed to a maximum length of 118" with a single internal support or as large as 60" sectionals. Custom configurations are available for special architectural arrangement.

Mounting and Installation

The diagram below depicts a typical RF window detail for the patented ETS-Lindgren mounting system in a window or window wall.

ph window wall room

RF Performance

Attenuation (reduction) levels are critical to RF shielding integrity. The critical RF range is between 1 to 128 MHz. This is the range in which the MR scanner operates. Proper shielding levels prevent interferences with the MR signal, which can flaw the diagnostic image. The performance of the ETS-Lindgren window wall fulfills or exceeds all known MRI specifications.


TS-Lindgren's standard limited warranty covers parts and service for 5 years.

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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.