ETS-Lindgren is the proven leader in shielding, with thousands of shielded enclosures installed worldwide. Solutions provided include some of the most demanding industrial, medical, and government shielding challenges



Single Knife Edge™ Door Knife Edge™ Door
Double Knife Edge Door Knife Edge Door
Auto-Latching Door System Door System
ASDS Door Door
PSD Pneumatic Sliding Door Pneumatic Sliding Door
Euroshield RFD-F/A-100 RFD-F/A-100
Euroshield SRFSD-F/A-100 SRFSD-F/A-100
Euroshield iRFD-100 Swing Door iRFD-100 Swing Door
Euroshield RFD-60 Swing Door RFD-60 Swing Door
Euroshield RFSD-100 Sliding Door RFSD-100 Sliding Door
Euroshield SRFSD-100 sliding doors SRFSD-100 sliding doors