​​​ETS-Lindgren's Model 7405 E & H Near Field Probe Set is a passive, near field probe set designed as a diagnostic aid for locating and characterizing sources of E and H-Field emissions. The Model 7405 E & H Near Field Probe Set consists of three loop probes, one stub and one ball probe, an extension handle, an optional preamplifier, and a foam-lined carrying case with a manual and application note. The handle of each probe terminates in a BNC connector. These probes are designed to be used with a signal analyzing device such as an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. The optional preamplifier is useful when signal amplification is necessary for the analyzing device.

Key Product Information

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Nominal Gain of Optional Preamplifier​​
​100 kHz
​35.5 dB
​1 MHz
​38.1 dB
​100 MHz
​37.2 dB
​1 GHz
​32.5 dB
​2 GHz
​25.0 dB
​3 GHz
​13.0 dB

​Model 7405
​E/H or H/E Rejection
​Primary Sensor
​Probe Type
​Upper Resonant
​41 dB
​6.0 cm Loop
​790.0 MHz
​29 dB
​3.0 cm Loop
​1.5 GHz
​11 dB
​1.0 cm Loop
​2.3 GHz
​30 dB
​3.6 cm Ball
​>1.0 GHz
​30 dB
​6.0mm Stup Tip
​>3.0 GHz
​+12.0 dBm (Typical)
​​3.5 dB (Typical)
​100 kHz to 3 GHz
​+10.0 dBm

  • Five E- & H-Field Probes
  • Coaxial Extension
  • Carrying Case
  • Fiber Cable Assembly - H-491106-xx (Where xx is Length in Meters)


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Key Features

  • Linear Response Specialized Sizes/Shapes for Sensitivity
  • Locates Both E- and H-Field Emissions Sources 
  • Broadband Frequency Range 
  • Optional Preamplifier for Signal Amplification 
  • Two Year Warranty

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