3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna - ETS-Lindgren
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Key Features

  • 1 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
  • Omnidirectional Radiation Pattern Ideal for:
    • Broadband Spectrum Monitoring
    • Harmonics Level Measurement IEC 61000-4-3 Weatherizing Kit
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  • ETS-Lindgren's Model 3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna is a radome-protected, broadband antenna with a frequency range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz. Its omnidirectional pattern and broadband frequency range make it ideal for surveying or spectrum monitoring, when used with a portable spectrum analyzer.

    A weatherizing kit is standard on the model 3184 for prolonged outdoor monitoring.

    View the 3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna technical specifications below

    Physical Specifications

    Length: 36.2 cm (14.25 in)
    Width: 15.25 cm (6.00 in)
    Stinger Length: 17.8 cm (7.01 in)
    Weight: .7 kg (1.54 lb)

    Electrical Specifications

    Frequency Minimum: 1 GHz
    Frequency Maximum: 18 GHz
    VSWR Ratio (Average): 2:1
    Maximum Continuous Power: 50 watts @ 1 GHz; 25 watts @ 18 GHz
    Impedance (Nominal): 50
    Connectors: SMA (F)
    Pattern Type: Omnidirectional
    Polarization: Linear

    Product Options

    • Carrying Cases
    • ETS-Lindgren Offers Several Non-metallic, Non-Reflective Tripods

    Product Configuration

    • Antenna
    • Antenna Mount for Tripod Mounting
    • Weatherized
    • Individually Calibrated at 1 m per SAE ARP 958 at our A2LA Accredited Lab
    • Actual Antenna Factors and a Signed Certificate of Calibration Conformance Included with Manual
    • Manual

    View the 3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna charts below