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Site Planning

Site Planning

Proper planning of a site can be critical to the functionality of sensitive equipment. Equipment like MRIs, microscopes, CTs, and other commercial and research equipment can be very sensitive to environmental changes including EMI (electromagnetic interference), vibrations, acoustics, and RFI (radio frequency interference). ETS-Lindgren can aid in the successful development and design of sensitive sites.

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Key Features

  • Review of site specific drawings and measurement results.
  • Identification of sources of EMI, vibration, and acoustic concerns.
  • Review of sensitive equipment layout in relationship to environmental noise sources and proximity to other sensitive equipment.
  • Provide an assortment of environmental measurements when necessary.
  • Reports detailing
    • Identification of potential EMI, vibration, RFI, and acoustic concerns and sources.
    • General suggestions to avoid or alleviate environmental concerns.
    • Review of sensitive equipment layouts.
    • Identification of fundamental concerns relating to equipment layouts.
    • General suggestions to alleviate concerns resulting from equipment layouts.
    • Site layout recommendations to reduce costs and improve quality of site.
  • Clarification of questions arising during design and construction to insure successful completion of installation.


Proper development of a site is critical to the performance of sensitive equipment like electron microscopes, MRIs and other sensitive equipment. Sensitive equipment can be impacted by environmental issues like vibrations, acoustics, EMI, and RFI and be impacted when installed in close proximity to other equipment. These problems can be difficult and expensive to resolve after installation. Therefore, proper site evaluations and engineering is crucial to a successful installation of sensitive equipment.
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