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Product Upgrades

Product Upgrades

ETS-Lindgren can upgrade any RF shield. ETS-Lindgren provides services to upgrade your shield or parts of your shield to meet your changing requirements. This may mean replacing a door to meet new RF or acoustic requirements to upgrading an MRI shield to meet equipment requirements of a new MRI system.

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Key Features

  • Acoustic upgrade packages for doors.
  • Door upgrades
    • Acoustic rated doors
    • Automated doors.
    • Security upgrades.
  • Upgrade ETS-Lindgren and competitor shielding.
  • Perform upgrades that meet or exceed performance of shield prior to upgrade.
  • Upgrade of RF windows.
  • Upgrade magnetic shielding to meet new Gauss field containment requirements.
  • Replacement of cryogen feedthroughs and fabrication of penetration openings to meet upgraded equipment requirements.
  • Shielding additions like penetrations and filters to meet new application requirements.


As technology changes it may become necessary to upgrade your shield. Upgrading equipment like an MRI system may require shield modifications, new requirements for door performance, or changes to filter and penetration requirements. Whether you own an ETS-Lindgren shield or a competitor’s shields, ETS-Lindgren can assist on all shielding requirements. This is includes, but is not limited to, opening the shield to allow for the removal and installation of equipment, upgrading doors, and adding or replacing items like penetrations and filters.

Additionally, ETS-Lindgren can assist with the relocation of an existing shield. Shields need to be moved from time to time for a variety of reasons. If care is not taken when moving a shield, the shield may not perform as well at its new location. ETS-Lindgren offers relocation services that will insure that your shield performs as well or better at its new location. This is accomplished by testing the current performance of the shield, taking care in disassembling, transporting, and assembling the shield, repairing any areas of the shield that could be problematic, and performing a final RF verification test.

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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.