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Microwave Convoluted Absorber

Microwave Convoluted Absorber

ETS-Lindgren’s EHP Convoluted Absorber is designed to provide good refectivity performance with low forward scattering characteristics at incident angles up to 60° from normal incidence at microwave and millimeter-wave frequency ranges.

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Key Features

  • Non-Hygroscopic Substrate
  • 1 GHz - 110 GHz Frequency Range
  • RF Refectivity Performance up to 60° from Normal Incidence
  • 0.5 W/in2 Power Handling Capability
  • 90° C (190° F) Maximum Service Temperature
  • Blunt Shaped Tips Minimize Breakage
  • Fire Retardant
    - NRL 8093 Tests 1, 2 & 3
    - TI #2693066
    - MIT MS-8-21
    - UL 94
    - DIN 4102-B2


The absorber's rippled or convoluted front surface creates a gradual transition from free-space to loaded substrate, for absorption of electromagnetic energy. The convoluted geometry gives this absorber good RF absorption performance at wide angles of incidence, while maintaining robust longevity. ETS-Lindgren’s convoluted absorber is ideal for applications in treating antenna mechanical support structures, and/or metallic positioner devices as wrap-around absorber while testing antennas. It is also frequently used in small millimeter-wave anechoic chambers.


Non-Hygroscopic Substrate

ETS-Lindgren absorbers use a new fire-retardant chemical formula that is non-hygroscopic. As a result, the absorber is not affected by moisture and will maintain its mechanical and RF performance over the life of the product.

Broadband Performance

CV Series absorber is designed to provide good RF attenuation of incident electro- magnetic wave from L-Band to W-Band frequency ranges.

Power Handling Capability

CV Series absorber can safely perform in environments that generate field strengths up to 200 V/m with operating temperatures up to 90° C (190° F).

Tested Performance

CV Series absorber is tested for reflectivity performance using the Naval Research Lab (NRL) broadband swept frequency arch method.

Fire Retardancy

CV Series absorber meets applicable US government and commercial flammability specifications as verified by an independent testing laboratory.


CV Series absorber is available with several levels of performance, depending on your requirements.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.