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Magnetic Shield Design

Magnetic Shield Design

Magnetic Shield Design is critical to developing a site that meets both FDA recommendations and equipment requirements. The FDA recommends five Gauss containment for public areas to prevent complications with items like pacemakers. In addition to FDA recommendations, sensitive, critical equipment located near an MRI may be susceptible to Gauss fields. ETS-Lindgren can help identify Gauss field containment requirements to aid in the successful development of an MRI suite.

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Key Features

  • Review of site specific drawings and measurement results.
  • Determine Gauss field containment requirements.
  • Model magnetic shield design using high accuracy modeling software.
  • Provide modeling results including graphical results.
  • Reports detailing:
    • Design criteria.
    • Modeling results.
    • Proposed shielding dimensions and weights.


Magnetic shield design can be crucial to proper development of an MRI suite. ETS-Lindgren can provide designs to meet FDA recommendations of five Gauss containment in public areas to avoid complications with items like pacemakers. ETS-Lindgren will review and develop magnetic shielding that will go beyond five Gauss containment when necessary. ETS-Lindgren will review the site layout and identify equipment like CRT monitors, Ultrasound, CTs, and other equipment that are sensitive to Gauss fields. ETS-Lindgren will provide modeling and designs that will meet the overall requirements of your site insuring that magnetic containment will not only meet FDA recommendations, but will also meet all your Gauss field containment requirements.
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