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MRI Doors and Windows Products

Auto-Seal™ II Door

Auto-Seal™ II Door   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
ETS-Lindgren's Auto-Seal II offers revolutionary, leading-edge technology in a lightweight, high-performance door. Featuring pneumatic operation, these doors are bladderless, gasketless, and fingerless. This results in a virtually maintenance-free RF sealing system, that ensures greater reliability, yet maintains ease of use.

Sliding Shielded Door (SSD)

Sliding Shielded Door (SSD)   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren's Sliding Shielded Doors (SSD) answer the growing need for both shielding and special access door requirements in medical environments. Incorporating the RF sealing technology from our Auto-Seal Door system, the door leaf employs an internal pneumatic actuator to drive the guided mechanism plates and the expansion strip outward, thus sealing the door. This pneumatically sealed door system represents a breakthrough in shielding, with a flat threshold for smooth patient transport. Shielding includes RF protection for MRI, and can be supplemented with lead shielding for radiation protection.


EVO MRI Door   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren's new EVO Series of MRI RF Doors are designed to provide reliable, low maintenance service for use in a rigorous MRI environment in both manual and pneumatic configurations.


MRDS Door   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren's newest MRI RF door, the MRDS, is designed to provide a reliable, economical door for your MRI facility. Similar to ETS-Lindgren's other RF doors, the MRDS is designed to be lightweight to allow for easy operation.

RF Windows ClearShield® Window Design

RF Windows ClearShield® Window Design   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren's ClearShield High Visibility Architectural RF Windows expand the horizons of your MRI shielded enclosure. The patented ClearShield RF window design offers the industry’s best combination of performance and clarity. The individual window designs are made of extruded aluminum with a double layer of RF shielding screen. The double layer of safety glass provides not only superior visibility, but also enhanced acoustic properties.

Intra-Operative Sliding Door (IOSD)

Intra-Operative Sliding Door (IOSD)   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren’s family of RF sliding doors includes the Intra-Operative Sliding Door (IOSD), the Dual Modality Sliding Door and the Single Slide Sliding Door. These doors have been designed for complete compatibility in a diagnostic/intra-operative imaging suite.

Safe IV Port for Medical Applications

Safe IV Port for Medical Applications   |   Datasheet
ETS-LINDGREN’S SAFE IV PORT (SIVP) is a cylindrical waveguide that provides safe and easy passage of intravenous (IV) lines into an MRI room, without compromising the RF shield. Designed exclusively for Auto-Seal II Shielded Doors, the SIVP allows infusion pumps and other medical equipment to safely remain outside of the MRI room, while remaining fully connected to the patient.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.