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Med-Vizion LED Down Light  ZXR-3000 and ZXR-4000

Med-Vizion LED Down Light  ZXR-3000 and ZXR-4000

THE MED-VIZION ZXR LED DOWN LIGHT is the latest in lighting technology specially designed for MRI suite applications. It produces the equivalent of a 150 watt incandescent light using only 32 watts of power.

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Key Features

  • Maintenance-free Lighting Solution
  • Rated up to 50,000 Hours
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • MRI Safe
  • Camera Compatible
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional Dimmer Switch
  • Optional Trim Finish
  • Optional Lens


ETS-Lindgren's Med-Vizion ZXR Down Light is the latest in lighting technology, specifically designed for MRI suite applications. It produces the equivalent of a 150 W incandescent light using only 32 W of power.

This high-performance, light-emitting diode down light has no UV, IR, or RF emissions and features engineered heat displacement which prevents premature LED failure. Without filaments, the LEDs are unaffected by magnetic fields.

Maintenance-free Use

The Med-Vizion ZXR is a low-cost, maintenance- free lighting solution which greatly reduces the need for lamp replacement, a primary safety concern with traditional incandescent lighting. This also helps to reduce the amount of service-related accidents.

Long Life Rating

The lamp lifetime of 50,000 hours means less maintenance, lower operating costs and less room down time.

Reduced Energy Consumption

This reliable and efficient lighting also uses less energy. That means less electricity used while green initiatives are supported. It also means lower operating costs over time.

MRI Safe

The non-ferrous construction of the Med-Vizion ZXR makes it MRI safe and allows for use in any diagnostic MRI suite. Optimal illumination is offered at task and floor levels. There is immense flexibility in suite design and functionality while interference with MRI imaging is avoided.

Camera-compatible for Reduced Light Fluctuations

ETS-Lindgren Med-Vizion Down Lights have been designed to match shutter speeds of many MRI video cameras. This will negate the visible light fluctuations or “flicker” that can be seen when viewing LED-illuminated objects through a camera lens.

Easy Installation

This light has been designed to operate on either 120 or 240 VAC. The simple control wiring offers a plug- and-play interface. Only two wires are needed to control all fixtures on a circuit compared, to two wires per fixture with other systems.

Optional Trim Finishes

Ordering information, following page. ZXR Down Lights come standard with white trim. Brushed nickel trim, antique bronze trim, or an antimicrobial white trim with 93% frosted lens can be ordered as optional.

Optional Dimmer Switch

An optional dimmer switch offers digital preset programmability with consistency throughout the dimming range. Various levels of illumination are available in one suite, with one dimmer unit controlling up to sixteen light fixtures.


  • Diagnostic MRI Suites
  • Inter-operative MRI Suites

Ordering Information

When ordering the Med-Vizion Down Light, it should be ordered as Model # - Trim.

For example: Ordering the ZXR-3000-T0AAL3 would be the ZXR-3000 with Antimicrobial White Trim and 93% Frosted Lens.

Ordering the ZXR-4000-T03BN would be the ZXR-4000 with Brushed Nickel Trim.

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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.