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Hemi-Anechoic Chambers

Hemi-Anechoic Chambers

ETS-LINDGREN'S HEMI-ANECHOIC CHAMBERS provide a precise free-field environment used to measure sound sources over a reflecting plane. Typical measurements include product noise testing, sound source frequency response, and sound source directivity.

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Key Features

  • 80 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 1 m to 2 m Radius Hemispherical Free Field (Custom Sizes Also Available)
  • Precision-Grade Testing
  • Engineering-Grade Testing
  • Noise Emission Testing
  • Low-Noise Testing


An ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chamber provides engineered features that achieve outstanding performance results and goals without compromising acoustical concepts and budgets.

Hemi-anechoic chambers are used to perform precision- and engineering-grade testing on a wide variety of devices ranging from handheld units to large vehicles and equipment. ETS-Lindgren's hemi-anechoic chambers have a high-performance wall panel system that provides the low-noise environment required to test today's low-noise products. A precision-grade free-field environment is a product of the hemi-anechoic chamber's sound absorption system that consists of white melamine wedges installed on a patented clip system that provides fast wedge installation and removal. Unlike other wedge solutions, melamine wedges provide a bright and fiber-free working environment.


Frequency Range

ETS-Lindgren offers a wide range of standard hemi-anechoic chambers to meet client needs. Standard chamber models have low-frequency cut off points of 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz, and 250 Hz. Custom chamber designs to meet other performance specifications are available.

Free-Field Region

Standard ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chambers have free-field regions with a 1 m to 2 m radius. Custom size free-field regions are available.

Precision-Grade Testing

ETS-Lindgren's standard hemi-anechoic chambers are designed to comply with ISO 3745 free-field limits for both broadband and pure tone testing.

Engineering-Grade Testing

The high-quality test environment in an ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chamber provides low environmental correction factors (K2) values for ISO 3744 sound power testing.


ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chambers are designed for applications that require precise acoustic measurements need to optimize product design and performance of:

  • Information Technology Equipment (e.g. computers, server racks, and routers)
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Small and Large Appliances
  • Fans
  • Industrial Equipment and Components
  • Automobile Components
  • Vehicles (e.g. automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Components

Applicable Test Standards:

  • ISO 3745
  • ISO 3744
  • ISO 7779
  • ANSI S12.55
  • ANSI S12.54
  • ANSI S12.10


ETS-Lindgren can perform an on-site chamber performance verification of interior ambient noise levels and free field quantification.

  • Pre-sale site noise survey that determines required noise reduction to meet ambient design goals. (The cost of the site survey can be applied toward the purchase price of the chamber.)
  • Identification and risk analysis of airborne and structure-borne threats
  • Measure and evaluate host conditions
  • Can combine measurement hardware and software with the chamber for a complete turn-key solution

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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.