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Electric Field Probes

Low Frequency Meters

  • HI-3604 ELF Survey Meter   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    The HI-3604 ELF Survey Meter is designed to evaluate both electric and magnetic fields associated with 50/60Hz power lines, line-powered equipment and appliances.
  • HI-3624(A) Survey Meter   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    The Holaday HI-3624(A) ELF Magnetic Field Survey meter leverages over 30 years of Holaday experience in measuring electromagnetic fields and a low cost sensor implementation to configure an affordable, easy to use magnetic meter for both field and laboratory measurements.
  • HI-3627 ELF Magnetic Field Meter   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    Signals from three orthogonal sensing elements are combined in a vector sum to provide accurate magnetic field measurements from any ELF magnetic field source. These include single- or polyphase electrical circuits, household wiring and appliances.
  • HI-3637 VLF Magnetic Field Meter   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    Make isotropic measurements simply and economically with the HI-3637 VLF Meter. Three orthogonal sensing coils are combined into a vector sum to provide accurate magnetic field measurements from any VLF magnetic source.
  • HI-3638 ELF/VLF Electric Field Meter   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-3638 VLF/ELF Electric Field Meter has full ELF and VLF capability to the Swedish MPR and the IEEE 1140 test requirements in a single meter, making electric field testing quick and simple.

Magnetic Field Probes


  • HI-2200 RF Survey Meter   |   Manual
    A simple solution for basic RF safety measurements, the HI-2200 RF Survey Meter provides a compact measurement system including interchangeable probes.
  • HI-3702 Induced Current Meter   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    The HI-3702 Induced Current Meter measures RF induced body currents using a clamp-on current sensor, sized for a comfortable fit to ankles or arms. This design allows measurements to be taken while walking or climbing.

Microwave Oven

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