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EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) Engineering and Consulting

EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) Engineering and Consulting

EMI can be problematic for countless applications. ETS-Lindgren provides EMI engineering and consulting services to assist in meeting a variety of EMI requirements. Whether assisting in site layouts to minimize potential EMI occurrences or designing shields to address EMI requirements, ETS-Lindgren provides the services need to address EMI concerns.

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Key Features

  • Review of site specific drawings and measurement results.
  • Conduct EMI measurements of existing sites and applications.
  • Development of EMI solutions.
  • Reports detailing
    • EMI concerns.
    • Calculations of potential EMI levels.
    • Remedial measures to address EMI.
  • Design of EMI shielding to meet equipment or owner requirements.
  • Clarification of questions arising during design and construction to insure successful completion of installation.


ETS-Lindgren can provide assistance in identifying EMI sources during site development, provide EMI measurements, and develop shield design to resolve EMI issues. EMI engineering and consulting can aid in developing a shielding solution that brings a problematic site in to specifications for sensitive equipment.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.