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Custom Shield Designs

Custom Shield Designs

ETS-Lindgren can provide custom shield designs to meet a variety of requirements. ETS-Lindgren understands that shielding requirements vary from application to application. For this reason, ETS-Lindgren offers custom shield design to assist in the development and design of shielding to meet requirements. ETS-Lindgren can assist in identifying your requirements and assist in achieving those requirements through custom shield designs.

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Key Features

  • Review of site specific drawings.
  • Assisting in developing site specific shielding requirements.
  • Identify unique penetration panel and feedthrough requirements
  • Identify and specify unique filtering requirements.
  • Clarification of questions arising during design and construction to insure successful completion of installation.
  • Provide site specific drawings and details for custom shield designs including
    • Plan and elevation drawings of proposed shielding system.
    • Shielding details.
    • Filter details.
    • Penetration panel details including connector requirements if applicable.
    • Magnetic shielding details.


ETS-Lindgren can assist in identifying RF and magnetic shielding requirements and develop a shielding system that meets those requirements. Applications and requirements vary and ETS-Lindgren can assist developing shielding systems that meet your requirements. Applications include, but are not limited to, low frequency EMI (electromagnetic interference), high frequency RFI (radio frequency interference), design of penetration panels and feedthroughs, and identification and specification of filter and connector requirements.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.