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Acoustic Engineering and Consulting

Acoustic Engineering and Consulting

Acoustic Engineering and Consulting is essential to developing an appropriate acoustic solution for sensitive equipment. Similarly, Acoustic Engineering and Consulting is crucial to protecting the acoustic environment from noisy equipment like MRI systems. ETS-Lindgren provides engineering and consulting services dedicated to developing solutions for structure and air borne acoustic requirements.

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Key Features

  • Review of site specific drawings and measurement results.
  • Sound proofing calculations.
  • Engineering of measures for structure and air borne sound insulation.
  • Development of solution for optimal structure borne sound reduction.
  • Coordination of sound insulation measurements.
  • Site specific measurements and analysis.
  • Clarification of questions arising during design and construction to insure successful completion of installation.
  • Reports detailing
    • Sound level requirements.
    • Calculation results.
    • Detailed descriptions of sound insulation measures.
    • Drawings of floor, ceiling, and floor constructions.
    • Advice on air ducts, cryogen pipes, etc.


Proper development of a site is critical to the performance of acoustically sensitive equipment like electron microscopes. Such devices can suffer performance problems created by an acoustic environment that does not meet equipment specifications.

Attention should also be given to equipment like MRI systems that can generate air and structure borne acoustic levels that can disturb the surrounding areas. ETS-Lindgren can detail construction details that protect the surrounding areas from acoustically noisy devices like MRI systems. Solutions can be developed that meet customer specific acoustic requirements.

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