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95242-1 Injection Probes

95242-1 Injection Probes

The Model 95242-1 probe is designed to inject current into wire bundles. Its frequency range is from 2 MHz to 400 MHz.

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It enables testing to be performed which previously required the use of two separate injection probes, the ERA type 36A and 37A This is our most efficient injection device from 4 MHz to almost 600 MHz The 95242-1 probe covers the high frequency portion of RTCA/DO-160C RF conducted susceptibility requirements and MIL-STD-461D I MIL-STD-462D CS114 (5 MHz - 400 MHz). This injection probe is also suitable for injecting the required current waveforms of MIL-STD-461D limits CS115 and CS116 (for CS116, one of our lower frequency probes is required as well). Testing to British Defense Standard DEF STA 59-41, Part 3 is also supported by this model. When necessary, our 95235-1 injection probe has larger 2.625" window diameter, but is less efficient than the 95242-1. When calibrating the Calibration Jig coupled current vs. forward power into the injection probe, the combination of 95242-1 probe and 95241-1 Jig has an excellent low VSWR.

The Model 95242-1 probe has a 1.6" window, making it suitable for injecting current into most power or signal cables. (AWG 4/0 cable, good for several hundred Amps, is 12.7 mm (0.5 in) diameter exclusive of insulation.) 100 Watts of cw RF power may be driven into the probe in the injection mode.

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